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Send in the Marines

>> Saturday, October 9, 2010

The peace and order is getting worse.  The criminals are having a field day these days.  Two weeks ago, a nurse was gang raped and last night, another Chinese businesswoman was kidnapped and her driver and escort were shot to death and not to mention the killings that happen almost everyday.  I am getting desperate.  The crime rate is escalating to an unbelievable rate.  We are living in a culture of fear and continue to live like nothing happened.  All we can do is sigh and watch the events as they unfold and hope that it will be the last.  

I really want to leave this place.  A month ago, my friend’s family business was robbed and until now, it still remains unsolved.  Yesterday, the Secretary of Justice, Sec. Leila De Lima herself went here  to meet with the prosecutors.  Everytime I heard this news of crimes, my heart sank but I cannot do anything about it.  Everyday I live in fear that somebody might snatch my bag or my cellphone.   Well, I already became a victim of pick pocketing.  I hope nothing worse would happen again. 

Whoever calls this place a City of Peace is crazy, this is a city of crimes. Oh please God, send in the Marines!   


imriz October 10, 2010 at 2:15 PM  

i share ur sentiments. keep safe always:)

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