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>> Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Months had passed before I decided to post something new here.

News of Osama Bin Laden's death is everywhere.  A lot of people especially US citizens are rejoicing.  After almost ten years since 9/11, the perpetrator was killed.  There are also who sympathized with him.  For them he is a martyr.  Okay, so Bin Laden is dead, so what is next?  Surely, it won't end the terrorism.  A retaliation is possible that is why tight security measures are implemented, even in a city as small as ours.

This morning while I was on my way to work, I passed by the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, I saw a lot of policemen in its surrounding area.  It was once a target of bombing here in Cotabato City.  I was a few meters away from the church when the bomb exploded.  I may have been late for the mass but my tardiness on that fateful Sunday morning saved me from possible injury I would have endured if I was inside the church when the explosion happened.   I also passed by the bishop's palace. It too was guarded by the Philippine marines.

I woke up late today with the gloomy weather greeted me.  I was in no mood to get up because of the weather. I really wanted to stay in bed and sleep for the whole day, however, we have a scheduled hearing in the afternoon and I have some pending task to do.  Oh I hate so much when it rains and I have to go to work.  
When the afternoon came, hearing was cancelled as the lawyers are on travel.  I was really tempted to go home early as the weather makes me want to stay in my warm bed.  I was so happy when the time to go home has come.  I immediately took all my things and went home straight.  

When I arrived home, there is my bed inviting me to lie down.   I wasted no time, I grabbed my book and spent the rest of the afternoon reading until dinner time.  I love the rain; only when I am not going to work.


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