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Another Allergy Attack

>> Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have been trying to sleep for four hours now but with no success. I do not feel good at all. My neck starts to feel itchy then my ears look very red. The itchiness goes down to my back and arms and then I feel my face starts to thicken and I feel tightness inside my chest. Oh my God, this is the moment that I hated most. This is a manifestation that I am having another allergy attack!

When this reality dawned to me, I immediately scratch my arm to make the rashes visible. I would rather that it would manifest outside my body than have it inside. I was told that it is dangerous to internal organs especially the heart as it would inflame it and it causes the tightness that a person under allergy attack feels.

I am thinking what triggers it again. I have not eaten anything unusual today except for a bar of chocolate. I am not allergic to chocolate as far as I know only with danggit and crabs. These two happens to be my favorite food. It breaks my heart to think I can’t have them when I want to. When I was working in a private company, crabs used to be always present in our menu when we have our meeting. I do not worry about allergy attack since I always bring antihistamine with me. Speaking of it, I groped for it inside my bag only to be appalled because the pocket where I put my medicine was empty. I immediately searched inside my ever reliable Power Puff Girls container. I was greatly relieved to find two precious tablets.

Actually, I am feeling drowsy now. It is the effect of that medicine. My body still feels very itchy but I am patient to wait for the medicine to take its full effect.


Ewa October 16, 2010 at 5:24 AM  

I hope you feel better:)

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