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The Marines are Here

>> Friday, October 29, 2010

It was weeks ago that I was wishing for them to come.  I am so glad my prayer was answered as they are here now.  I feel secure now.  They have helped maintain the peace and order here a few years ago I hope they can make the same feat again.  The situation here has stabilized a bit.  The killings stopped.  I don’t know about the robbery but so far, I have not heard about it anymore.  Are the criminals afraid of the marines?  I hope so.  Now I can go home without fear already.
Good thing we have a mayor with strong political will.  He employed the help of these brave guys despite the opposition of some of the members of the city council.  I do not know why others are opposed to the coming of marines here.  They have not done any human rights violation the last time they were here.  They were so courteous when they inspect the vehicles going in and out of the city.  So I do not see any reason for not letting them stay here again.  For so long as you are a law abiding citizen, there is no reason for you to be afraid of the authorities as they are here to protect the people and not just the interest of the few.


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