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The Marines are Here

>> Friday, October 29, 2010

It was weeks ago that I was wishing for them to come.  I am so glad my prayer was answered as they are here now.  I feel secure now.  They have helped maintain the peace and order here a few years ago I hope they can make the same feat again.  The situation here has stabilized a bit.  The killings stopped.  I don’t know about the robbery but so far, I have not heard about it anymore.  Are the criminals afraid of the marines?  I hope so.  Now I can go home without fear already.
Good thing we have a mayor with strong political will.  He employed the help of these brave guys despite the opposition of some of the members of the city council.  I do not know why others are opposed to the coming of marines here.  They have not done any human rights violation the last time they were here.  They were so courteous when they inspect the vehicles going in and out of the city.  So I do not see any reason for not letting them stay here again.  For so long as you are a law abiding citizen, there is no reason for you to be afraid of the authorities as they are here to protect the people and not just the interest of the few.


Semester Break Here I Come

>> Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hurray!  After two grueling weeks of not being able to sleep, now I can say that I can finally relax my tired mind and body.  I had my last exam earlier in Political Law.  It feels like I am in heaven right now.  Although the feeling is not absolute happiness as I still have to pass 30 digested cases in Criminal Law on Tuesday and 4 digested cases in Statutory Construction; deadline will be on Saturday.   The last requirement was given to us only yesterday.  Maybe it was just an afterthought of the professor.  And I am laboring on it right now but since my hand is aching, I had to stop writing for a while because you know guys; I have to do it handwritten on a long coupon bond. 
I don’t like writing in a coupon bond as it has no lines.  My words will get as high as the peak of Mt. Apo without the lines.  I wished that she let us write it on yellow pad.  I am more comfortable with it.  Well, anyway I am not the boss so I have to follow the instruction.

I am thinking of a worry-free semester break.  I have plans of going to General Santos next weekend to buy books for the second semester.  I have to read in advance to prepare myself for the battle as my professor in Criminal Law 2 would be no less than the Dean himself.  I know of his reputation.  I have heard stories like when one of his students was not able to answer during a recitation he told the student to look outside the window.  Their conversation more or less went like this:

Professor:  Look outside the window, what do you see?
Student:   Nothing sir because it is very dark outside.
Professor:  That is your future in the college of law!

See, how embarrassing that might be on the student.   If I am that student, I would have killed myself in front of him due to humiliation hehehe... I don’t know if it really happened but a lot of students say the same thing.  So I think this not just an urban legend, it really happened in the past.  I would need more than just luck next semester.  I need your prayers.


Another Allergy Attack

>> Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have been trying to sleep for four hours now but with no success. I do not feel good at all. My neck starts to feel itchy then my ears look very red. The itchiness goes down to my back and arms and then I feel my face starts to thicken and I feel tightness inside my chest. Oh my God, this is the moment that I hated most. This is a manifestation that I am having another allergy attack!

When this reality dawned to me, I immediately scratch my arm to make the rashes visible. I would rather that it would manifest outside my body than have it inside. I was told that it is dangerous to internal organs especially the heart as it would inflame it and it causes the tightness that a person under allergy attack feels.

I am thinking what triggers it again. I have not eaten anything unusual today except for a bar of chocolate. I am not allergic to chocolate as far as I know only with danggit and crabs. These two happens to be my favorite food. It breaks my heart to think I can’t have them when I want to. When I was working in a private company, crabs used to be always present in our menu when we have our meeting. I do not worry about allergy attack since I always bring antihistamine with me. Speaking of it, I groped for it inside my bag only to be appalled because the pocket where I put my medicine was empty. I immediately searched inside my ever reliable Power Puff Girls container. I was greatly relieved to find two precious tablets.

Actually, I am feeling drowsy now. It is the effect of that medicine. My body still feels very itchy but I am patient to wait for the medicine to take its full effect.


Overcoming an Obstacle

>> Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is a sad fact that some of our fellow human beings are born with physical infirmities.  Everyday as I go to work, I always notice some of them on the road making a living despite the difficulty of doing it.   I also have a classmate in college who was born without legs.  He is just so lucky to have friends who carry him everyday he goes to class who happened to be in the third floor of the building but his physical condition did not stop him from his quest of getting a degree.  He graduated, got a job and proved to the world that he can do it like anybody who has a complete set of limbs.   His courage is worth emulating.  This inspiring person does not deserve the difficulty he had experienced. 

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Why choose NMEDA?  This is for the reason that it has Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealers that is only recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry.  This program sticks to the principle of satisfying customers through a systematic and documented approach to quality.
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Mellow Yellow Monday: My Classmates

>> Monday, October 11, 2010

It's been a while since I last posted an entry for Mellow Yellow Monday.  Once again, I am back.  I took this picture last Saturday after our seminar on Persons and Values, one of our subjects this semester.

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Send in the Marines

>> Saturday, October 9, 2010

The peace and order is getting worse.  The criminals are having a field day these days.  Two weeks ago, a nurse was gang raped and last night, another Chinese businesswoman was kidnapped and her driver and escort were shot to death and not to mention the killings that happen almost everyday.  I am getting desperate.  The crime rate is escalating to an unbelievable rate.  We are living in a culture of fear and continue to live like nothing happened.  All we can do is sigh and watch the events as they unfold and hope that it will be the last.  

I really want to leave this place.  A month ago, my friend’s family business was robbed and until now, it still remains unsolved.  Yesterday, the Secretary of Justice, Sec. Leila De Lima herself went here  to meet with the prosecutors.  Everytime I heard this news of crimes, my heart sank but I cannot do anything about it.  Everyday I live in fear that somebody might snatch my bag or my cellphone.   Well, I already became a victim of pick pocketing.  I hope nothing worse would happen again. 

Whoever calls this place a City of Peace is crazy, this is a city of crimes. Oh please God, send in the Marines!   


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