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My Day at Work

>> Monday, September 20, 2010

I went home tired from working all day.  My shoulders hurt.  I really want to go to school to attend my classes but unfortunately, I feel so dead tired.  I texted my friend and asked if we have class.  So fortunate of me because we do not have classes in both of my two subjects tonight.  Now I can relax my body and take a nap. 

Tomorrow will be another day of struggle to finish my task before the deadline comes.  I wish I can tell you about it but since it is work related, it has to be confidential.  I cannot divulge the details.  Sorry guys.  But I can tell you that from time to time, I witness a lot of corrupt people in my line of work.  I am very lucky because I have a boss who does not approve of this incurable disease of our society.  Corruption is our country is as famous as Manny Pacquiao in the boxing world.  It is very disappointing.  Just this afternoon, I overheard her admonishing the person because of his “proposal” in exchange for a favor to be bestowed on their part.   If only all the government heads are like her, maybe there would be no such thing as corruption in the Philippines. 


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