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Semester Break Here I Come

>> Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hurray!  After two grueling weeks of not being able to sleep, now I can say that I can finally relax my tired mind and body.  I had my last exam earlier in Political Law.  It feels like I am in heaven right now.  Although the feeling is not absolute happiness as I still have to pass 30 digested cases in Criminal Law on Tuesday and 4 digested cases in Statutory Construction; deadline will be on Saturday.   The last requirement was given to us only yesterday.  Maybe it was just an afterthought of the professor.  And I am laboring on it right now but since my hand is aching, I had to stop writing for a while because you know guys; I have to do it handwritten on a long coupon bond. 
I don’t like writing in a coupon bond as it has no lines.  My words will get as high as the peak of Mt. Apo without the lines.  I wished that she let us write it on yellow pad.  I am more comfortable with it.  Well, anyway I am not the boss so I have to follow the instruction.

I am thinking of a worry-free semester break.  I have plans of going to General Santos next weekend to buy books for the second semester.  I have to read in advance to prepare myself for the battle as my professor in Criminal Law 2 would be no less than the Dean himself.  I know of his reputation.  I have heard stories like when one of his students was not able to answer during a recitation he told the student to look outside the window.  Their conversation more or less went like this:

Professor:  Look outside the window, what do you see?
Student:   Nothing sir because it is very dark outside.
Professor:  That is your future in the college of law!

See, how embarrassing that might be on the student.   If I am that student, I would have killed myself in front of him due to humiliation hehehe... I don’t know if it really happened but a lot of students say the same thing.  So I think this not just an urban legend, it really happened in the past.  I would need more than just luck next semester.  I need your prayers.


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