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Top Ten Passers for September 2009 Bar Exams

>> Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hear ye!  Hear ye!  After months of waiting, the result is now here.  And the Cream of the Crop for this year are:

1. Yebra, Reinier Paul R. (San Beda College) – 84.80%

2. Tapic, Charlene Mae C. (San Beda College) – 84.60%

3. Lim, John Paul T. (Ateneo de Manila University) – 84.50%

4. Lagos, Caroline P. (University of the Philippines) – 84.40%

5. Tan, Eric David C. (Ateneo de Manila University) – 84.05%

6. Gonzalez, Yves-Randolph P. (Ateneo de Manila University) – 83.90%

7. To, Joan Mae S. (Ateneo de Manila University) – 83.65%

8. Bagro III, Herminio C. (University of the Philippines) – 83.40%

9. Lumauig, Timothy Joseph N. (Ateneo de Manila University) – 83.20%

10. (Tie) Bainto, Naealla Rose M. (ADMU) & Go, Sheila Abigail O. (ADMU) – 83.10%

Congratulations to our new lawyers!


The Number 12

>> Thursday, March 25, 2010

While engaging in a conversation this afternoon, one of my officemates mentioned that the number 12 is a complete number. I got a little intrigued as to what he meant by it. I got curious considering that it is my favorite number mainly for the reason that I was born on the 12th of December; that is 12-12. He mentioned something about this number religion wise like Jesus has 12 Apostles. This is the only thing I remembered from our conversation.

When I got home from work, I searched for it on the net after checking my e-mails. I stumbled upon this article about the significance of the number 12 in the Bible. Here’s what I got.

The number 12 is a significant part of some religions, especially Christianism . Take for example the following:

In the Old Testament part of the Bible, Jacob has 12 sons that became the foundation of the 12 tribe of Israel.

In the New Testament, Jesus has 12 Apostles.

The book of Revelation also speaks of a woman wearing a crown of 12 stars and also about the Kingdom of God which has 12 gates guarded by 12 angels.

There is also this so -called 12 days of Christmas; this refers to the days starting Christmas Day and extends up to the eve of the Epiphany.

There are also other aspects in our everyday life that have number 12 in it. Do you notice the following?

The number 12 is also use in Gregorian calendar as it has 12 months. Not only that but both Western and Chinese Zodiacs have twelve signs. Even a day which is comprised by 24 hours which is being divided into two the ante meridiem and post meridiem that has 12 hours each. Even the basic units of time like 60 seconds, 60 minutes and 24 hours are all divisible by 12.

For me, there is only one thing that I can’t fail to notice, that the number 12 is the date of my birthday. May it be lucky or not, 12 would still remain as my favorite number.


Blog Things: The Scribble Circle Test

>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You Are Caring

Of all the types, you are the most nurturing and tender. You enjoy giving to people.

You thrive when you are able to be helpful to other people. You have a very generous spirit.

Some people may say that you're a bit possessive and over protective, but you are just concerned about the people you love.

You do your best to live a meaningful and unselfish life - which can make you a bit too focused on others at times.


Harry Potter Author Sued for Plagiarism

>> Monday, March 22, 2010

J. K. Rowling, the author of the seven series best selling fantasy novels Harry Potter has been named as one of the defendants in a lawsuit alongside publisher Bloomsbury for copyright infringement. The representatives of the estate of the late Adrian Jacobs claimed that she copied parts of Jacobs’ books about Willy the Wizard for her book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

The author denied the claim stating that she never heard about Jacobs and that she never read any of his books; and that the claim against her was baseless and ridiculous. She is in the process of applying for the dismissal of the case for its lack of merit.

The book that allegedly has been copied according to the estate of Jacobs is The Adventures of Willy the Wizard No. 1 : Livid Land. They claimed that a number of ideas from the said book were incorporated to the above-mentioned Harry Potter book.

The suit was originally filed on June of 2009 against Bloomsbury, the publisher of Harry Potter in Britain and after almost a year, J.K. Rowling was included.

I have never heard that Willy the Wizard exists until now, more so, I have not laid an eye on any books of Adrian Jacobs. I am still a Harry Potter diehard fan.


Fresh Air for Sale

>> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To me this idea is very absurd.  I was laughing when I first heard about it.  The gift of Mother Nature that used to be free is now being commercialized by putting them in can and sold in the market.  I am not really into this idea.  Is that how scarce is the world's oxygen already?  I don't think so.  Come to our place; fresh air is still in abundance here.

A lot of people are only trying to commercialize fresh air.  We don't need to buy canned fresh air the way we buy bottled water.  Just go to a place where there are  lots of trees or near a beach and for sure you will be refreshed and it's for free.  Others may find it a luxury but for me, I do not spend a cent just to breath fresh air.  All I do is visit our farm and stay there for the whole day.  There are a lot of trees and the food is freshly pick from our own garden.  That is the advantage of living in the countryside.

Aside from that, we do not need to buy bottled water as there are a lot of water coming from the natural spring everywhere.  Do not talk about bacterias that we might get from there as I won't believe you.  I have been drinking from the same natural spring since birth and I am still very much alive and have not contacted any disease cause by the bacterias present in the water.  Sometimes I am thinking maybe it is because we Filipinos have strong stomachs that can endure anything including hunger hehehe.

And back to this canned fresh air, no thanks I would rather get mine from its natural source.  As others would say it, only an ignorant would buy this product.  Well, I do have the same stand.


I Am a Woman and Proud of it

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2010

That is always my affirmation everytime I look at myself in the mirror. I did not have an idea that it was International Women’s Day yesterday until my friend greeted me. It was touching to have someone to greet me on that day. I find it very sweet. For all the women out there, I salute you all for being what a woman should be, a mother, best friend, colleague, confidante and whatever role you have undertaken. Let us continue to nurture and shape the world.

Let me share with you what Nancy R. Smith (copyright 1973) has to say about us.

For every woman who is tired of acting weak when she knows she is strong, there is a man who is tired of appearing strong when he feels vulnerable.

For every woman who is tired of acting dumb, there is a man who is burdened with the constant expectation of "knowing everything."

For every woman who is tired of being called "an emotional female," there is a man who is denied the right to weep and to be gentle.

For every woman who is called unfeminine when she competes, there is a man for whom competition is the only way to prove his masculinity.

For every woman who is tired of being a sex object, there is a man who must worry about his potency.

For every woman who feels "tied down" by her children, there is a man who is denied the full pleasures of shared parenthood.

For every woman who is denied meaningful employment or equal pay, there is a man who must bear full financial responsibility for another human being.

For every woman who was not taught the intricacies of an automobile, there is a man who was not taught the satisfactions of cooking.

For every woman who takes a step toward her own liberation, there is a man who finds the way to freedom has been made a little easier.

We are not second class citizens of the society or the weaker sex and therefore should not be treated as such. We play a big part in shaping the future of our children. We have the rights equal to what the men are enjoying. Fight for them if you have to at all times.


My El Nino Phenomenon Experience

>> Sunday, March 7, 2010

It is almost three a.m. but I cannot go back to sleep anymore no matter how hard I tried to court sleep. As usual I am sweating profusely because of the heat. I am getting tired of t already. For now, what I want is rain. I woke up very thirsty that I had consumed three glasses of water in succession. I am trying to deny it, but sometimes I can’t help being grumpy. I think my mood is affected by the present weather condition. I wish I can do anything to cool myself. For now, I want to dip in a tub of ice to relieve myself.

I remember the time when El Nino struck the Philippines in 1998. That was the worst summer I had. We had water shortage. We had to wake up as early as 2 a.m. to look for water as there is nothing coming from the faucets at home. We were forced to find a way to solve this predicament. We had to fetch water using kariton for as far as two kilometers away from home. And this water is only for drinking and cooking purposes only. We would do our laundry in the place where there is water that is coming out of the faucet. Sometimes if we are lucky, we could only get as far as half kilometer to do our laundry. We cannot even take a bath at home. In order to do this, my siblings and I would walk another kilometer to the nearest spring from our home. Good thing that the spring did not dried up considering that it did not rain for months.
It didn’t end there. There was food shortage too that made the situation even worse. Normally, I never ate NFA rice. And we never bought rice from store. My grandparents business is rice milling so we had our own storage of rice. It changed when land started to dry up because of no rain. People cannot plant so there is nothing to them to harvest. As a result, my grandparents’ business suffered a loss. We cannot even have rice for consumption. We resorted to buying it from stores. When the government started to distribute rice, my parents avail of this program so that we can have something to eat. Unfortunately, the NFA rice they distributed was an inferior one. The first time I ate it made me think like it was the end of my world and that I have to say goodbye to the kind of rice I used to eat. Later, I was able to appreciate it since we do not have anything to eat but only this inferior variety of rice. It may not a feast to the senses but at least, it relieved me and my family of hunger. There was even time that I would cry as I do not like its taste but I got nothing else to do but to eat it. It made me appreciate the importance of rice to our life as it is our staple food. I never thought that I would experience this kind of suffering.

When the first drop of rain came, I cannot describe what I felt during that time. I was like a crazy person who had experienced rain for the first time. I was shouting and running in glee feeling the raindrops on my face. I cannot forget that part of my life.


Sweaty Afternoons

>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Due to the rotating brownout we are experiencing, all our court hearings were suspended for the meantime. Yay! I am relieved to think about it. Nobody could stand the hot and dark courtroom. When you are inside it, you would feel like it is the middle of the night because it is very secluded and no air would circulate. The last time we had a hearing there, we were in the middle of a trial with the prosecution witness testifying and being barraged with a lot of confusing questions from the defense when the light went out. The lawyers were sweating as well as all of us present inside the courtroom. My heart went out to my boss who was wearing a black toga over her clothing. We were all fanning ourselves and I was getting conscious as I was afraid that I already smelled of sweat. Ewwww…..

Since this scheduled brownout will stay a little longer, I will also be experiencing sweaty afternoons as it is very hot inside our office. I think this is something that I would endure until the summer ends. Oh how I love to dip in the icy cold water of a river like I used to do on summer time when I was a kid. For now, my friends are a piece of cardboard that serves as a fan that helps alleviate the heat temporarily and candles during the night to drive away the darkness. We have four hours of brownout everyday. One hour in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and one hour again at night. Not a good one but it is better than not to have electricity at all.

Some critics of the Arroyo administration say that it is already a preparation of the government for the upcoming election. This is to condition the mindset of the people to make them use to the problem of brownout and to hide their agenda about manipulating the first ever automated election in the Philippines. I do not know it this is true, I am just imparting what I overheard from the conversation of other people.


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