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>> Friday, July 30, 2010

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Baptism of Fire

>> Monday, July 26, 2010

It was the term used by my Legal Research professor the other week referring to the trinal exams that is supposed to start tonight.  My scheduled exam for tonight is on Constitutional Law.  However, due to some confusion with the schedule, we ended up postponing my first subject until next week. 

Earlier, I thought I was late because I stayed a little while in the office listening to President Aquino as he delivered his first State of the Nation Address.  After he finished delivering his speech, I hurriedly went to the university.  When I got there, I found out that there were just a few of us inside the room.  So, I took the liberty to go over my notes for the last time hoping to get a little more information that will come out in the exam.  I don’t know how minutes had passed before I heard the bell rung signaling the beginning of the examination.  I nervously waited on my seat waiting for my professor like I am waiting for the end to come.     The door opened and revealed my professor in Criminal Law!  I feel like my doom just came.  I was thinking, was I wrong to think that my schedule for today is Constitutional Law?  Oh no, how am I going to answer the questions when I have not reviewed everything yet in my Criminal Law?  My stomach tightened and I felt hungry all of a sudden I wanted to eat 5 plates of rice.  I was only relieved when I found out about the confusion. My professor in Criminal Law got confused with the schedule.  She thought our schedule is today instead of Wednesday.  Maybe the same thing happened to my other professor.  Whatever it is, the important thing is we do not have a scheduled exam today as it was postponed next week.  
So my classmate and I went home to begin reviewing for our next subject.  Thanks God, I still have ample of time to do my requirement in Legal Research.


I’m Here Again

>> Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hi guys!  I am stealing a little time allotted for my lessons just to update my blog.  Yeah I know I am guilty of being an irresponsible blogger.  Of all my activities, blogging takes a back seat when I started studying.  I got a little time to do blog hopping more so with posting my entries.  It is really difficult to manage my time.  I am still in my adjustment period.  I am very much willing to overcome the difficulties that I encounter everyday.  It is not easy to study my lessons while I am at work.  I can only do it during my free time.  Sometimes no matter how hard I try to remember everything, I would still forget a lot of details. 

On Monday, we will be having our trinal examination.  One of my professors calls it, our baptism of fire in the college of law.  I have already studied two of my subjects already but I know it is not enough.  I have to do better to retain what I have read.  I am excited for the exam and nervous too.  I just hope my effort will fare well this coming Monday and hopefully, for the rest of the week.  I always believe that if I do my best, God will do the rest.

To be candid with you guys, I never expected that the simple wish of my heart will be granted.  During my boring moments, I would fancy that one day I will be studying law.  At that time I was really thinking it to be impossible judging by the nature of my job.  I worked for a private company.  In my previous job I would spend almost 12 hours a day just so I could finish up everything.  I thought it would never end.  However, one day the course of my fate changed.  I was able to find a job that I could have ample time to spend for myself.  Then one thing follows another then I found myself contemplating on getting another degree.  So here I am now trying to survive the rigors of studying that goes with it.


Helpful Tips on Dog Bites

>> Saturday, July 24, 2010

 The other night, when my friend was walking his dogs they encountered some wild dogs that cut off short their usual activity.  I for one is very much scared thinking of a dog biting me.  Every summer, the veterinary office conducts activity of impounding stray dogs.  This is to protect unsuspecting people especially the children of being bitten.  The following steps will help you in case a dog will bite you.
9 Steps to Take After a Dog Bite

The best way to react when somebody gets bitten by a dog is never to panic and to do the right thing. After a dog bites you or a family member, you have to seek medical attention and initially treat the victim, make sure others are not in danger when the dog is still around, find out the dog’s identity, talk to a witness, ask for the insurance information of dog owner, consult a dog bite lawyer, take pictures of the dog bites, report the incident to related authorities, and obtain other necessary assistance for the victim.

You have sought medical help, now what should you do next? This is a very common question that bothers the family and victims of dog bites. Here are suggested steps that will guide you to know what to do after a dog bite incident.

Seek medical attention and initially treat the victim
Right after the dog bites someone, immediately seek medical attention. Wile waiting for help, you can initially treat the victim by washing the bite with soap and water to help avoid infection. If there is any bleeding, apply pressure on the wound using a towel or a clean cloth. When medical assistance arrives, carefully take note of instructions for treatment and other possible remedies. Always follow instructions to make healing faster.

Make sure others are not in danger when the dog is still around

If the dog is still in the area, make sure other people are kept safe. Never let anybody run or make a commotion that will frighten the dog and make him more aggressive. Ask everyone near the dog to remain still and calm until the dog is away.

Find out the dog’s identity

Right after the incident has taken place, you need to identify whether the dog that bit the victim was a stray dog or personally owned. You can ask somebody to inquire about the owner of the dog, and gather basic information such as his name, address and contact details. You will need this information right after medical attention has been sought.

Talk to a witness

Whether the victim is seriously wounded or not, it is advisable to talk to a witness about the incident. Ask for contact details just in case you need his assistance for possible investigations.

Ask for the insurance information of dog owner

When the victim has been given medical assistance, approach or contact the owner of the dog and ask for insurance information. Make sure not to accept any money right after the incident. Instead, offer your contact details for future negotiations as you will be expecting a call from their insurance company anytime soon.

Consult a dog bite lawyer

Do not hesitate to immediately consult a dog bite lawyer. Almost all dog bite lawyers and animal law firms in the US offer free services to legally assist you with dog bite incidents. An Orange County dog bite lawyer, for example, offers free consultation and case evaluation on dog bites to help you decide your next course of action. Relay everything about the dog bite incident as detailed as possible to help the lawyer determine how to exactly help you.

Take pictures of the dog bites

Your lawyer might advise you to take pictures of the victim’s dog bites. When taking photographs, make sure the dog bite is easily seen. Keep wounds and the victim clean. There must be no blood and stains on him. Let the victim appear as conservative as possible and without accessories on him.

Report the incident to related authorities

Report the dog bite incident to responsible authorities, such as the police, health department, and local animal services or control officers as soon as you speak with a lawyer. The lawyer can help you ask for important information from these people and answer their questions.

Obtain other necessary assistance for the victim

Especially when the victim is a child, the dog bite incident might be very traumatic. Observe the child’s behavior even when sleeping. Is he or she abnormally fearful when outside? Does the victim have nightmares and other signs of trauma? If yes, you need to consider trauma counseling or therapy for the victim or whatever is advised by your physician.

Always have presence of mind when a dog bite incident occurs to you or a family member. Never say too much before a lawyer. Always follow your lawyer’s advice since you are not the expert. Remember, you are the victim here and should be the one to regain losses.


Reading, Reading and More Reading

>> Sunday, July 11, 2010

As usual, weekend is always a source of joy for me.  I can sleep as late as I want and I can also wake up as late as I want.  I love weekend.  Whoever created it, I am a big fan.  For me, weekend started as early as Friday.  It is because we are celebrating a Muslim holiday.  That is the advantage of living in my place.  There are a lot of holidays aside from the national holidays.  I am glad to have a long weekend.  I am able to read my books to my heart’s content.  It is tiresome though.  Well, do I have a choice?  I don’t think so hehehe.  I decided to take this course so I have to do whatever it takes to pass it as it is my personal choice and nobody coerced me. 

I really have to read to cope up with the days that we don’t have classes.  Last week, I only get to meet my professors on Monday and Tuesday.  If you are wondering what I do with my free time, yes I spend it with reading.  That’s what eating most of my time these days.  Even if I am at work I still read on my break time.  Reading is my life now.  I think I will die if I can’t read my books.  You see every night in our class it is always oral recitation.  How can I answer if I did not read my books?  It is scary because we are standing in the middle aisle to recite without the help of our books and notes.  My God, I always found myself with sweaty hands.  Every night as I go to my class, it feels like I am going to the gallows to be hanged hahaha.  Well, this is all for now.  I have to go back to reading again. L


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