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We Have a New Baby

>> Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My mother is scheduled to go to Manila on Sunday to be with my sister Elanie as she is expected to give birth by first week of March. She wanted to be earlier than the scheduled delivery of her granddaughter. Yes it is a girl based on the latest result of my sister’s ultrasound. However, this afternoon, I was surprised the moment I came out of the courtroom. When I opened my bag and checked on my cell phone, I read my other sister’s text message saying that Elanie was already in V. Luna Hospital in Quezon City as she will deliver her baby today. I was euphoric thinking that I am going to have a niece this time.

After dinner, my father called me to suggest names for the baby but I told him we already have chosen the baby’s name. Yesterday, Elanie and I have agreed on giving her the name Eriene Leila. What is funny was that yesterday she was telling me that she plans to make passes and asking me what will be a good reason for it so she could be permitted. Now, she has all the good reasons for that much needed passes so she could get some rest.

As for my mother, she was not able to make it again for the second time. She wanted so much to be with my sis when she gives birth. However, circumstances did not permit her as Elanie delivered her baby on a much unanticipated and earlier date. With my sister’s first baby, she did not make it too. She arrived when Elanie was already out of the hospital. Better luck next time again Nanay. That is; if Elanie is still planning to have a third baby.


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