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Money, Money, Money

>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All people from all walks of life have dealt with financial problems once in their lives. In the case of those people who belong to the middle-income bracket and below, it is one thing that is constant in their lives. And I being a struggling government employee am not an exemption. As I have observed most of the time in our office, when it comes to the subject of incoming checks, people are getting agitated. Who doesn’t need money after all? We cannot feed and clothe ourselves if we do not have it. We cannot support our family if we are not earning. Most of all, we cannot solve our debt problems if we do not have funds in our pocket or bank account. Although money is not everything but it helps us a lot in our dire needs.

They said money is the root of all evil but I disagree. It is not the money itself but the love of it. We should spend our money wisely and would not let it rule our life. It is true that it is vital in our day to day living but let us bear in mind that there are also a lot of things that money cannot buy. We have to utilize our money for our good and that of our fellowmen for it is in this reason that this blessing has been given to us.


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