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I Hate Brownout!

>> Saturday, February 27, 2010

I was comfortably watching the replay of the American Idol Top 24 when suddenly the tv turned off. It is this scheduled brownout again! I hate this power outage that we have here. They said it would last until May. I got nothing else to do but light candles and wait for the electricity to come back after an hour. We have a scheduled power outage three times a day and each lasts an hour. It is so frustrating. It is so hot here.

Summer is already around the corner. This is the problem when you are in a tropical country; you only got two choices, a heavy rain that brings flood and sickness or dry and hot summer that brings drought, sickness and skin diseases. Which do you think is better between the two?

We have not yet started to plant on our farm in this condition. Some farms and irrigations have dried up and the soil cracked. I cannot risk investing on the farm because I know what will happen. I do not want to be disappointed.

Hmmm…going back to this brownout, in order not to get pissed off, I lighted 3 candles and imagine I am having a birthday party and that I am waiting for the celebrator to blow the candle. It is better to think of pleasant thoughts than lost my patience. I killed time by singing any song I could remember. Little by little, I forgot about the situation I am in. By doing so, I did not get bored waiting for the electricity to be restored. When I heard people shouting, I know that it has already been restored. Thanks God I can watch tv again but too bad, I already missed American Idol.


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