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Watching Avatar

>> Sunday, February 21, 2010

We sent off our mother this morning for her flight to Manila. I thought my father would be with us but for some unknown reason, he went home very early. He did not wait for my mother’s departure time. Yesterday, I wondered what made him accompany her in going to Cotabato City to spend Saturday night with us. We left the airport as soon as Nanay checked in. We went straight to Euvelyn’s home and lazily spend the afternoon watching Avatar.
It was a good movie and I enjoyed it very much though I passed out several times to oblivion while watching the whole length of the movie. I think I am going to watch it again when I get the time. I am not going to elaborate what it was all about as I am sure everybody have watched this movie. I just hope this movie left a lesson in each one of us. If we do not stop being selfish and greedy, we will end up exhausting and destroying our planet in the process rendering our own civilization its looming demise.
That is all for now fellahs! I am off to sleep as tomorrow is another grueling work day. Wish me luck.


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