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Getting to Know Me through My Sign

>> Monday, February 15, 2010

I was born in the Year of the Ram. I look it up on the net to know more about the personality of a person under the sign of this animal. It says that that ram is the most feminine sign of the Chinese zodiac. Good thing I am a girl hehehehe… It is also talented and has a good sense of fashion. Most of these people preferred to be a painter or a designer. This is not true with me; as far as I know, I do not possess any sort of talent; more so with painting or designing. I am the exact opposite.

The following statements are true with me.

People born under the sign of the ram wanted to win the approval of the person they respect. They always in need for attention of those people they love for them to feel loved and protected. They are sensitive and too emotional and cry for unknown reasons. They shy away from confrontations. They have a gentle and caring nature that always in need of protection. They are sweet and sensitive in a relationship but too shy to say what they feel. They find it hard to approach strangers and strike a conversation. They can be lazy sometimes. These people find joy in the simplest of things like a good view, nature, a well-written song or a beautifully crafted object.

Of the negative personality of the ram, I have the following:

Pessimistic, self-pitying sometimes, lazy, indecisive and careless.

On the positive note, I am candid, sympathetic and perceptive.

As for the rest of the personality of the ram, I decided not to put it here as it does not say anything about me.


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