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An Appeal to the People of Hong Kong

>> Saturday, August 28, 2010

I want to start this by apologizing to the family of the victims of the unfortunate hostage drama that took place last August 23, 2010.  Since the incident happened, I could hear nothing but our top people blaming each other for what happened.  For this, I want you to know that I am not happy for what these people are doing. However, I was not there so it is not for me to pass any judgment on who was at fault as I am not an expert as most of us are.

 We are all humans and as such, all of us share the feelings that every human is capable of.  We are all capable of feeling anger if we witness that our fellowmen are being subjected to atrocities.  I understand your emotion and I sympathize and pray for your loved ones who were innocent victims of Captain Rolando Mendoza.  I know the feeling of losing a loved one.  However, let us bear in mind that only a number of people are responsible for it and not the whole citizenry of my country Philippines.  We should not blame everyone for the fault of one person.  Not every Filipino is responsible for the hostage crisis.  Jackie Chan is right and I admire him for being open-minded. 

I have heard of the news about Filipino workers being dismissed from their respective jobs because they are Filipinos, of a family of Filipino tourists who went to visit your beautiful place only to be treated cruelly and being spit at.   Like you, we are also not in control of everything that happened.  They have done nothing to deserve such treatment.  Please do not hate all of us because of this mishap.  If you believe that there is somebody to be blamed, bring your grievance to the proper court and collect for the damages that you think the responsible individuals owe you.

Once again, I am appealing for your indulgence and humbly asking for your forgiveness for what had happened.    


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