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Weekend Party

>> Saturday, August 7, 2010

I went home tired but unable to sleep. We had our Welcome Toast and Testimonial Dinner at the pool side of Estosan Garden Hotel earlier this evening. Atty. Del Rosario my professor in Legal Research welcomed us freshman by way of a toast with a very sweet red wine. I love the taste so much! Can we have a toast again? Hehehehe. Our Dean welcomed us too. The freshmen (and that includes me) were called one by one and we stood up and walked around like models as the upper class are watching. It was so nerve wracking that when I reached my seat, I was sweating a lot although the weather was cold.

We also had a new lawyer as an honoree. She passed the bar examination that was given last September of 2009; while the typhoon Ondoy was thrashing our country to destruction and catastrophe. I admired her because despite of being sick while in the middle of her review, she was able to make it. The way I look at her, she was so down to earth. She has no aura of being a show off that says, “hey, I am a lawyer you should respect me”. I like her. I hope someday, I can be like her too. That is, if I survived my freshman year at the college of law. As of now, I am still struggling to adjust myself and it is not easy. I find it difficult to memorize everything. Although I read a lot but I have problem with retaining what I have read. Sometimes after reading for two hours and then I would stop and think about what I read, it feels like I never read at all. I hope my adjustment time will not last long. Gladly, as these passed by, I can now feel that I am a student. It is difficult for the truth to sink in my mind because It was ten years ago that I graduated from my previous course. It is not easy really.


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