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SMARTBRO Connection Sucks!

>> Saturday, August 28, 2010

I am so busy guys.  I have a lot of things to look up on the net but sadly, my internet connection is not cooperating.  I had this problem since Saturday and it is one week now.  I already called the customer service but I was only told to observe my connection since they cannot determine the cause.  I cannot access the 3G connection and their representative just told me to used the slower than snail GPRS.  It sucks!  Imagine it would take me 15 to 20 minutes just to open my e-mail?  It is taking up all my patience and sometimes I feel like going amuck because of this poor service of Smartbro since last week.

When I first avail of their service, I was very impressed because it was fast.  I can view a video without encountering any problem.  My problem started only last Saturday.  I was disappointed because I am paying on time and yet, the service I am getting does not commensurate my effort to pay my bill.  I feel cheated.  I am getting agitated because the midterm is fast approaching and I have yet to research for my Legal Research and Foundations of Law.  This afternoon, I called again to inquire about the present status of my internet connection and I was told to go to the nearest Smart Business Center to have my modem checked.  If they have told me earlier than let me wait this long, I have addressed my problem earlier too.  I have to wait for another two days since tomorrow is Sunday and Monday is also holiday.  For the meantime, I have to deal with the slower than snail GPRS connection.   I hope they could resolve my connection issue and have my 3G connection restored sooner.
By the way, just posting this entry here took me two hours to do as compared before that I could do it in less than five minutes.  See the difference?    


imriz August 28, 2010 at 8:54 PM  

haha, cool it down sis. right now, i, too have intermittent signal. yes, my life sucks when this happens:(

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