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Exam Week

>> Monday, September 6, 2010

Just done with my Criminal Law exam for midterm. The MCQs are quite harder than essay. This will be the format of the bar exam next year. One of my professors said that the bar will be 60% MCQs and 40% essay. Wow, this is kind of hard. You cannot just choose as all of the choices are plausible enough to believe as the right answer. The MCQs gave me a headache actually. 

It’s a good thing I don’t have an exam tomorrow. I have a lot of time to do my papers on Legal Research and Foundation of Laws subjects. As of the moment, I try to relax and my idea of relaxing is playing a Frontier Ville on Facebook. This is the only game I play since June. This is some sort of deviation to entertain myself and forget for a while the rigors of studying and working. I am sort of living a double life being an employee by day and a student at night. And oh this reminds me, I have to get copies of the latest COMELEC Resolutions for our exclusion cases set on September 15, 2010 after the Ramadan. I also have to look for some books that I would need in some of my subjects. I am getting impatient too. My sister has not yet bought the book that I would use in my political law. Actually, I already have one but unfortunately, I feel like the author is from another planet that I do not get what he says. I want to have a book of an author that I am most comfortable with and that’s Rolando Suarez. 

I guess I have to stop now. I am getting sleepy and I am running out of things to say today. Good night guys.


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