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Just Some Updates

>> Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I’ve been quite busy lately guys; not only with my job but with my plans of going back to school.  Last weekend I had a panel interview with the faculty of the Notre Dame University College of Law.  I thought it will go just like a breeze; but it did not.  It was scheduled at 9 in the morning.  As I reached the building where the dean’s office was located, it was still closed.  Anyway, I was thirty minutes earlier than my schedule so I patiently waited outside with others who like me were also scheduled for an interview that morning.  I passed the time reading notices posted on some boards until I saw my name posted as one of the interviewees.  When one of the staff arrived, she let us in and showed as our ratings in the admission test.  I was glad to have “very high” and “superior” ratings on different areas of the test.  I was not really disappointed with myself.  I was not really expecting it.  It has been years ago since was subjected to this kind if test.  The last examination I had taken was the Career Service Professional wayback in 2000. 

Going back to what happened to my interview.  Well, I was sitting inside the dean’s office waiting for the lawyers to arrive to conduct the interview wondering what time they will come because I do not want to prolong my agony of waiting for something that I do not have an idea what will take place.  It was like sitting and waiting for Judgment Day to come.  I tried to cheer up myself and forget apprehensions by chatting with other people around.  Finally, the door opened and revealed a familiar face.  To my shock one of the lawyers who frequently appear in our court was one of the members of the panel.  It did not alleviate my anxiety but made me more anxious instead. 

I was the first one who will be interviewed.  I gingerly open the door to the room where I would be interviewed.  I felt butterflies inside my stomach.  I thought I would faint any moment but I get hold of myself.  I only saw one member of the panel.  He was the lawyer I was talking earlier.  I took my seat and then he started asking about my personal circumstances and about my family.  Minutes later, another member of the panel arrived.  It made me more nervous when he asked me about the Philippine Constitution.  Omg!  The last time I opened a book on Constitution was in 1999.  When asked about how many Constitution does my country have I answered two without even thinking.  I only remembered the 1935 and the 1987 Constitution.  I know that there is another one during the time of Marcos but I don’t know what went over me that I only said two hehehe.  Well anyway, they are more than three but I didn’t pay much attention to it while I was in college because we were concentrating on the present one.

All in all it went fine.  I did not faint at all but I laughed when asked how I am related to Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno.  I just answered I don’t know except that we just have the same surname. 

This is all for now guys.  Till next time.  God bless.  


There is No Turning Back Anymore

>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog.  I am not being irresponsible.  It is just that I am a little busy with a lot of things for the past week.

I am glad to have passed the entrance examination required to enroll in the College of Law in a local university.  At least I can put my mind to rest from juggling with the thought of making it or not.  Yesterday, I went to the university to inquire about the result.  I was directed to go straight to the office of the dean of the College of Law as the result was already forwarded there.  The secretary told me that I made it and required additional documents like my good moral certificate duly signed by disinterested parties, my certificate of honorable dismissal from the college which I previously attended and got my first bachelor’s degree, a copy of my birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office and a lot more.  Then she gave me my interview schedule.  It is the next thing I will be worrying about.  I am scheduled for an interview this coming Saturday.  I am a little nervous though.  I hope I can make it so as not to disappoint myself, my family and my boss who encouraged me to go back to studying and take up law as a second course. 
It is somewhat a hard decision for me to do.  Financially, I am not sure if I can cope up with the expenses especially now that my sister whom I am also sending to college is on her fifth year.  I would not only think of my own tuition and books but also hers plus her thesis and her review for the board examination.  My office mates say that I have no problem financial wise as I am single.  Little did they know that sending a sibling to college is no joke and if I would go back to studying this June, I would be sending two people to college already.  My only consolation is the fact that she is striving hard to pass all her subjects and comply with all her requirements.  
I have so many things to think about and consider but with God’s help, I know I can make it.  A little voice within me is telling me the same thing.  There is nothing impossible if we ask God for help especially in our dire need.   


Mellow Yellow Monday 5: Santan

>> Monday, May 10, 2010

These unkempt flowers of my aunt locally called Santan took my fancy while I was taking an early morning walk earlier.  They are still thriving despite lack of care.

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My Candidates for 2010 National Elections

Going over the listing of candidates from the official sample ballot given by the COMELEC (Commission on Elections), I have made my final list of candidates whom I am going to vote for tomorrow.  I am sharing herewith the list of my chosen candidates.
President:  Simeon Benigno C. Aquino III
Vice President: Manuel A. Roxas
1. Adel A. Tamano
2. Gwendolyn D. Pimentel
3. Franklin Drilon
4. Danny Lim
5. Martin Bautista
6. Miriam Defensor Santiago
7. Teofisto D. Guingona III
8. Risa Hontiveros
9. Pia Cayetano
10. Juan Ponce Enrile
11. Ariel Querubin
12. Silvestre H. Bello III

I hope my candidates will win.


Latest Update

>> Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hi guys, I’ve been away for a while.  I went home to my parents again last weekend to spend time with little niece Erin whom I missed so much.  I couldn’t establish a good internet connection that I was fretting about it.  I tried to focus on other things aside from internet.  I was glad I was able to endure three days of not being online.   Wow!  I couldn’t believe I did it but I did.  I want to give myself a pat on the back hehehhe….

Yesterday, we were supposed to have a court hearing back in our old venue inside the compound of the Hall of Justice of the Regional Trial Court of the 12th Judicial Region but it was postponed.  I heard another colleague mentioned about the threat that the RTC is one of the target of bombings.  I was this paranoid that I want to be out of the place asap.  Well I have reasons to be freaked out.  Last week, a grenade was thrown inside the compound of the residence of one of the judges here.  Luckily the whole family is not at home when it happened. 

I don’t understand why it is happening again.  I don’t think it is election related cases as these people are not politicians.  I don’t want to speculate about things I have no knowledge about.  My life here right now is just on a “wait and see” basis only.  Well, I just hope and pray that our situation would improve a little; too much chaos for a very small city like ours.  I shudder when I think of myself being torn into pieces if ever I become (God forbids) a victim of this bombings.  The last time I witnessed it was on July of last year and it was not a good thing to see.  It’s horrible and heart-wrenching.


Christmas Song in the Middle of the Year

>> Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sing a song and light up the lights
we need to make this Christmas bright
Hang your favorite dream on a star
Wish upon it Christmas night
Sing about the better things,
The friends we have, the joy they dream
Hang a dream upon a star and wish it Christmas night
Peace on earth we dream for the world
Time to love and time to share
We can wish for love in the world
Time to give and time to care

On this day is born the child Jesus Prince of Peace

Hear him whisper in your heart let all hatred cease
His star will brighten the darkest light to light your way if you believe
The love you seek will be in your heart, ask and you'll receive

On this day will rise the morning sun

All the bells will ring (ding dong ding dong)
Hope is born for peace throughout our land
Let Earth and heaven sing

Repeat Chorus

Sing about the better things

the friends we have the happiness they give
Sing a song of dreams come true and bless the new year, too.

I don’t know what happened to me that I suddenly thought of playing Christmas songs.  I played Jose Mari Chan’s A Wish on Christmas Night; a personal favorite of mine.  I may sound silly for playing Christmas song in the middle of the year.  I remember my teacher said before that we can make everyday in our life as Christmas.  If we want to experience it the whole year round, we have to do everyday the things that we only do on December.  If we can be generous everyday then everyday can be Christmas.  It does not only happen on December 25.  We can make it 365 days instead of the usual one day a year.


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