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Christmas Song in the Middle of the Year

>> Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sing a song and light up the lights
we need to make this Christmas bright
Hang your favorite dream on a star
Wish upon it Christmas night
Sing about the better things,
The friends we have, the joy they dream
Hang a dream upon a star and wish it Christmas night
Peace on earth we dream for the world
Time to love and time to share
We can wish for love in the world
Time to give and time to care

On this day is born the child Jesus Prince of Peace

Hear him whisper in your heart let all hatred cease
His star will brighten the darkest light to light your way if you believe
The love you seek will be in your heart, ask and you'll receive

On this day will rise the morning sun

All the bells will ring (ding dong ding dong)
Hope is born for peace throughout our land
Let Earth and heaven sing

Repeat Chorus

Sing about the better things

the friends we have the happiness they give
Sing a song of dreams come true and bless the new year, too.

I don’t know what happened to me that I suddenly thought of playing Christmas songs.  I played Jose Mari Chan’s A Wish on Christmas Night; a personal favorite of mine.  I may sound silly for playing Christmas song in the middle of the year.  I remember my teacher said before that we can make everyday in our life as Christmas.  If we want to experience it the whole year round, we have to do everyday the things that we only do on December.  If we can be generous everyday then everyday can be Christmas.  It does not only happen on December 25.  We can make it 365 days instead of the usual one day a year.


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