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>> Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I’ve been quite busy lately guys; not only with my job but with my plans of going back to school.  Last weekend I had a panel interview with the faculty of the Notre Dame University College of Law.  I thought it will go just like a breeze; but it did not.  It was scheduled at 9 in the morning.  As I reached the building where the dean’s office was located, it was still closed.  Anyway, I was thirty minutes earlier than my schedule so I patiently waited outside with others who like me were also scheduled for an interview that morning.  I passed the time reading notices posted on some boards until I saw my name posted as one of the interviewees.  When one of the staff arrived, she let us in and showed as our ratings in the admission test.  I was glad to have “very high” and “superior” ratings on different areas of the test.  I was not really disappointed with myself.  I was not really expecting it.  It has been years ago since was subjected to this kind if test.  The last examination I had taken was the Career Service Professional wayback in 2000. 

Going back to what happened to my interview.  Well, I was sitting inside the dean’s office waiting for the lawyers to arrive to conduct the interview wondering what time they will come because I do not want to prolong my agony of waiting for something that I do not have an idea what will take place.  It was like sitting and waiting for Judgment Day to come.  I tried to cheer up myself and forget apprehensions by chatting with other people around.  Finally, the door opened and revealed a familiar face.  To my shock one of the lawyers who frequently appear in our court was one of the members of the panel.  It did not alleviate my anxiety but made me more anxious instead. 

I was the first one who will be interviewed.  I gingerly open the door to the room where I would be interviewed.  I felt butterflies inside my stomach.  I thought I would faint any moment but I get hold of myself.  I only saw one member of the panel.  He was the lawyer I was talking earlier.  I took my seat and then he started asking about my personal circumstances and about my family.  Minutes later, another member of the panel arrived.  It made me more nervous when he asked me about the Philippine Constitution.  Omg!  The last time I opened a book on Constitution was in 1999.  When asked about how many Constitution does my country have I answered two without even thinking.  I only remembered the 1935 and the 1987 Constitution.  I know that there is another one during the time of Marcos but I don’t know what went over me that I only said two hehehe.  Well anyway, they are more than three but I didn’t pay much attention to it while I was in college because we were concentrating on the present one.

All in all it went fine.  I did not faint at all but I laughed when asked how I am related to Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno.  I just answered I don’t know except that we just have the same surname. 

This is all for now guys.  Till next time.  God bless.  


nothingprofound May 27, 2010 at 1:18 AM  

Good luck with your law degree. Is it a three year course as here in the US?

admin May 28, 2010 at 7:34 AM  

thank you very much. I hope I can make it with God's help. btw, we have four years here to get a degree in law. i wish it would only be three years like yours :)

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