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There is No Turning Back Anymore

>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog.  I am not being irresponsible.  It is just that I am a little busy with a lot of things for the past week.

I am glad to have passed the entrance examination required to enroll in the College of Law in a local university.  At least I can put my mind to rest from juggling with the thought of making it or not.  Yesterday, I went to the university to inquire about the result.  I was directed to go straight to the office of the dean of the College of Law as the result was already forwarded there.  The secretary told me that I made it and required additional documents like my good moral certificate duly signed by disinterested parties, my certificate of honorable dismissal from the college which I previously attended and got my first bachelor’s degree, a copy of my birth certificate issued by the National Statistics Office and a lot more.  Then she gave me my interview schedule.  It is the next thing I will be worrying about.  I am scheduled for an interview this coming Saturday.  I am a little nervous though.  I hope I can make it so as not to disappoint myself, my family and my boss who encouraged me to go back to studying and take up law as a second course. 
It is somewhat a hard decision for me to do.  Financially, I am not sure if I can cope up with the expenses especially now that my sister whom I am also sending to college is on her fifth year.  I would not only think of my own tuition and books but also hers plus her thesis and her review for the board examination.  My office mates say that I have no problem financial wise as I am single.  Little did they know that sending a sibling to college is no joke and if I would go back to studying this June, I would be sending two people to college already.  My only consolation is the fact that she is striving hard to pass all her subjects and comply with all her requirements.  
I have so many things to think about and consider but with God’s help, I know I can make it.  A little voice within me is telling me the same thing.  There is nothing impossible if we ask God for help especially in our dire need.   


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