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Ivan Dorschner: PBB Teen Clash 2010

>> Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Erika is a teen-ager already.  Part of being a teen is that her preferences also change.  Although she is so crazy about Naruto, she is also a F4 fan and the latest thing she likes is the PBB Teen Clash 2010.  Her bet is the hottest teen inside the house, Ivan Anthony Dorschner was given the name Ivan Striking Stud ng Rizal by the PBB.  It cannot be refuted; he is the most well-liked teen inside Kuya’s house these days.  Be it Facebook, Twitter, Twitscoop, blogs, Youtube etc., he is everywhere.  He is very popular among teen-age girls.  He is being paired with Tricia a housemate from Davao City.

 Who is Ivan?  Ivan or Ivan Anthony Dorschner is a son of a Filipina and an Irish.  His mother is a head nurse while his father is a retired handyman.  There are rumors that he did not audition for the PBB and that he was just discovered while participating in a game in Wowowee. I don’t know if this is true but who cares?  It is undeniable that the guy is so likable; every teen-age girl and even gays adored (don’t deny it) this chap.
Last Saturday, when PBB started, I was with Erika watching the show as the hosts Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales and Mariel Rodriguez introduced each housemate.  Erika, Eleonor and I decided to have Ivan as our bet.  I am not really into this kind of thing but if it is one of the ways to make me closer to Erika and for her to think of me as a friend instead of an elder sister, I would gladly do it.


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