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Reading, Reading and More Reading

>> Sunday, July 11, 2010

As usual, weekend is always a source of joy for me.  I can sleep as late as I want and I can also wake up as late as I want.  I love weekend.  Whoever created it, I am a big fan.  For me, weekend started as early as Friday.  It is because we are celebrating a Muslim holiday.  That is the advantage of living in my place.  There are a lot of holidays aside from the national holidays.  I am glad to have a long weekend.  I am able to read my books to my heart’s content.  It is tiresome though.  Well, do I have a choice?  I don’t think so hehehe.  I decided to take this course so I have to do whatever it takes to pass it as it is my personal choice and nobody coerced me. 

I really have to read to cope up with the days that we don’t have classes.  Last week, I only get to meet my professors on Monday and Tuesday.  If you are wondering what I do with my free time, yes I spend it with reading.  That’s what eating most of my time these days.  Even if I am at work I still read on my break time.  Reading is my life now.  I think I will die if I can’t read my books.  You see every night in our class it is always oral recitation.  How can I answer if I did not read my books?  It is scary because we are standing in the middle aisle to recite without the help of our books and notes.  My God, I always found myself with sweaty hands.  Every night as I go to my class, it feels like I am going to the gallows to be hanged hahaha.  Well, this is all for now.  I have to go back to reading again. L


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