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Orientation Day

>> Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I thought classes would start yesterday but when I arrived at the room assigned to us, the lights were off and students like me were also waiting outside only to find out that we have no class again as the faculty of the college of law held a meeting.  After waiting for an hour and a half, I went home with a new friend I met there. 

This afternoon, I saw one of the faculty members who happen to be one of the lawyers who regularly appear in our courtroom.  He told me that there would be an orientation this afternoon and I have to attend.  During the orientation, we were introduced to the faculty of the college of law.  Some of them I am familiar with because from time to time they are appearing in our court.  We were informed about the dress code and how we should behave as law students.  We were informed about the dress code.  We were told that being admitted to the college of law is not a right but rather a privilege.  It being a privilege, we ought to take advantage of it and explore every avenue of learning to advance ourselves.  We were further told that we should adapt a virtue of humility being law students.  What I can’t forget was the line of one of the lawyers who gave the closing remarks.  Law students are expected to become lawyer and not just law graduate.  And that if we study law for the sake of promotion we are in the wrong place.  Very well said.  I liked it. 


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