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Another Bad Day in my Life

>> Monday, June 7, 2010

I woke up early today to prepare for work, but before going to the office, I went to Notre Dame University.  The personnel from the registrar’s office told me last Thursday to come back today to get my class schedule.  Around eight o’clock in the morning, I went to the registrar’s office excitedly because I already want to see my schedule.  But to my great disappointment and dismay, I was greeted with the bad news that the schedule is not yet prepared and that I have to go back on other days.  I want to frown in front of her.  Why in the hell, did she let me come back when the schedule is not yet ready?  She told me that it is alright as the classes will start next week.  Can you imagine that answer?  How could they make today as the enrollment day when the schedule is not yet ready?  She could have told me last Thursday that it will not be ready until Friday of next week.  I hate being lied upon.  I wish she is professional enough to tell me the truth so I would not expect at all.  I was very much tempted to lash her with my acerbic tongue but I was able to hold my temper in check.  She wasted my time for going there when I can get nothing.   Well, she told me again that it will be available this Friday.  I just hope this time she is telling the truth and not only making me feel better because I really hate it.

Okay, I was a  appeased but not totally, if this Friday I can’t get my class schedule, I swear I will not leave that office without my class schedule.  If they won’t give it to me, then let’s just see what will happen.


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