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Sweaty Afternoons

>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Due to the rotating brownout we are experiencing, all our court hearings were suspended for the meantime. Yay! I am relieved to think about it. Nobody could stand the hot and dark courtroom. When you are inside it, you would feel like it is the middle of the night because it is very secluded and no air would circulate. The last time we had a hearing there, we were in the middle of a trial with the prosecution witness testifying and being barraged with a lot of confusing questions from the defense when the light went out. The lawyers were sweating as well as all of us present inside the courtroom. My heart went out to my boss who was wearing a black toga over her clothing. We were all fanning ourselves and I was getting conscious as I was afraid that I already smelled of sweat. Ewwww…..

Since this scheduled brownout will stay a little longer, I will also be experiencing sweaty afternoons as it is very hot inside our office. I think this is something that I would endure until the summer ends. Oh how I love to dip in the icy cold water of a river like I used to do on summer time when I was a kid. For now, my friends are a piece of cardboard that serves as a fan that helps alleviate the heat temporarily and candles during the night to drive away the darkness. We have four hours of brownout everyday. One hour in the morning, two hours in the afternoon and one hour again at night. Not a good one but it is better than not to have electricity at all.

Some critics of the Arroyo administration say that it is already a preparation of the government for the upcoming election. This is to condition the mindset of the people to make them use to the problem of brownout and to hide their agenda about manipulating the first ever automated election in the Philippines. I do not know it this is true, I am just imparting what I overheard from the conversation of other people.


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