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Fresh Air for Sale

>> Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To me this idea is very absurd.  I was laughing when I first heard about it.  The gift of Mother Nature that used to be free is now being commercialized by putting them in can and sold in the market.  I am not really into this idea.  Is that how scarce is the world's oxygen already?  I don't think so.  Come to our place; fresh air is still in abundance here.

A lot of people are only trying to commercialize fresh air.  We don't need to buy canned fresh air the way we buy bottled water.  Just go to a place where there are  lots of trees or near a beach and for sure you will be refreshed and it's for free.  Others may find it a luxury but for me, I do not spend a cent just to breath fresh air.  All I do is visit our farm and stay there for the whole day.  There are a lot of trees and the food is freshly pick from our own garden.  That is the advantage of living in the countryside.

Aside from that, we do not need to buy bottled water as there are a lot of water coming from the natural spring everywhere.  Do not talk about bacterias that we might get from there as I won't believe you.  I have been drinking from the same natural spring since birth and I am still very much alive and have not contacted any disease cause by the bacterias present in the water.  Sometimes I am thinking maybe it is because we Filipinos have strong stomachs that can endure anything including hunger hehehe.

And back to this canned fresh air, no thanks I would rather get mine from its natural source.  As others would say it, only an ignorant would buy this product.  Well, I do have the same stand.


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