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Midterm Week

>> Monday, September 19, 2011

Midterm Examination is here again.  It was just a month ago that I took our trinal examination.  Time flies so fast.  it would be finals again before I knew it.  I wish to survive this semester with satisfactory grades.  Midterms officially started last Saturday with my Shariah subject.  I am now on my second day (Criminal Procedure).  Two down and five subjects more to go.  I hope I can pass all my examinations.  

This afternoon before I went to school, I touched the tummy of my two pregnant office mates while joking that if I would get a perfect score in my Crim Pro and Negotiable Instruments subjects, I will treat them to a free lunch.   Well, it won't hurt if I would really get a perfect score hehe.   I am not expecting to get that, I only wish to pass all my subjects but if God wills that I would get that elusive perfect score, it would be a big bonus for all my hard work.  It is not a big deal anyway, passing is already enough for me.

This is all for tonight guys, I have to go back to review my lessons in preparation for my Negotiable Instruments Law exam tomorrow.  Good luck to me!


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