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Law Days, etc

>> Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It is so cold outside.  The sun never show itself the whole day.  It is one of those days that I want to go to bed and sleep the whole day.  I don’t know if there is still a low pressure area in the Philippine archipelago.  I am not a weather forecaster so I just don’t give a care.  The music being played on the radio is tempting me to close my eyes and to divert my attention, I think of things that happened last week and this is what I want to share to you.

We had our law days from February 18-21, 2011.  It started with the academic contest on the evening of February 18.  We finished third place.  Not bad for us freshmen.  We will try to do better next year.  Saturday was for pinoy games and sadly, I was not able to attend because I have to go home to be with my niece as we are celebrating her birthday.  I would really want to participate however I can’t let my niece have her birthday without me since her mother is in Manila so I assume her role to be Erin’s temporary mother.

Last Monday, I really made it sure to come as it is the highlight of the law days, the socio-cultural show.  We had the Mr. and Ms. Lawyer’s Look.  Our male participant got all the minor awards and our female participant got the best in executive attire.  They garnered the second runner-up award.  We were first place in the singing contest but got last in unplugged competition (for lack of preparation I guess).   After all the points for all events were summed up, we landed on the third place.  Not bad.  However, there were just this people who want to see us at the bottom.  I think they are our haters who don’t want our presence in the college of law.  Well guys, we are still ahead of you.  Just accept the fact that eventhough we are just neophyte, we will survive all obstacles and challenges.  You can never put us down.  Just deal with the insecurity that you feel towards us because we will always fight.  No matter what you do, we are still better than you.


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