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I Support Anti-child Abuse Campaign

>> Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last Friday, I wondered why my officemates were so busy changing their profile picture in Facebook.  I thought it was just a new Facebook craze and everybody wants to join the “in” thing.  I never took it seriously until I saw this very sad and touching video.  I changed my profile picture on Friday night to show my support.  This may not stop the abusive parents or adults from hurting children but this small step would bring awareness that this horrible reality has to stop.  Children are angels.  They should be nurtured and protected.  They are helpless and need constant guidance. 

I am lucky to have loving parents that took care of me from childhood up to the time that I was able to stand on my own.  This made me appreciate the childhood I had.  I may have not enjoyed the luxury of material things but I was so blessed to have parents who showered me with so much love and affection and taught me to appreciate the simplicity.  Not all kids are as lucky as me so I did my small part to help these unfortunate children with their plight to stop this horrendous reality. 

How about you?  I am sure you are a Facebook user like me.  Did u change your profile picture?


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